Our investment philosophy is simple. We believe…

  1. Your investment portfolio exists to provide you with the cash flow required to achieve your lifestyle and giving goals.
  2. Your portfolio strategy (mix of stocks, bonds, and cash) should not be based solely on how you feel about risk or your age. Your strategy should also be capable of earning the returns required to achieve your financial life goals.
  3. Higher portfolio management and trading costs should be avoided because they can erode your chances of having a favorable investment experience. A recent study suggests many mutual funds have failed to beat their benchmarks due to higher trading costs and investment expenses – Dimensional Mutual Fund Landscape.
  4. Your portfolio strategy should be stress tested over challenging, average, and favorable economic environments. This can help you avoid surprises and understand the potential outcomes of different strategies.
  5. Inflexible trading strategies should be avoided. Watch a quick video below to learn more about the potential impact inflexible trading could have on your portfolio.

7.  Informed investors make better decisions when developing a portfolio strategy and selecting an investment approach.

One Life is able to access over 10,000 investment options on your behalf and is not required or obligated to use Dimensional funds.

To learn about why we like Dimensional funds, CLICK HERE.

*Historical returns does not guarantee future performance.

Money Management

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