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Is money causing stress in your life or in your relationships?

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We believe money shouldn’t hold you back from living your best life.

If you are like many of our clients, your obligations, habits, other people, and companies are fighting for your money. Some studies suggest that you could be hit with more than 3,000 marketing messages every day1 that are competing for your attention and your money.

Our process teaches you a simple three-step framework designed to help protect your cash flow and investment portfolio so you can live your best life:

Step 1: Pursue the Truth – Read More

Many people we meet with for the first time do not know the truth about their money and are not sure how to answer their most pressing questions like….

  • Is there a better way to invest my money?
  • Am I paying too much in taxes, fees, commissions, or other expenses?
  • Can I afford to…. quit my job, purchase a home, increase my giving, provide an education for my child, cut back my hours at work, purchase a new car, or < fill in the blank>?
  • Am I at risk of running out of money in retirement?
  • Why does it feel like I never have enough money?

Pursuing the truth about your money (your cash flow and your investment portfolio) is the first step to discovering how you can better protect and purpose your money to get more out of your one life (pun intended).

Pursuing the truth also includes brainstorming and analyzing ideas that can help you live your best life. Since you have a limited amount of time and money, it is critical to brainstorm and analyze the expected barriers and potential benefits of ideas competing for your time and your money.

One of the many tools we use to help you pursue the truth about your time and your money is the Dreams and Means Index.

Step 2: Create a Plan – Read More

After you know what you want, the next step is to develop a financial life plan that is relevant and realistic.

What is a financial life plan? A financial life plan is a roadmap for how you want to spend your time and your money. Your financial life plan should:

  • Include life goals (aka Targets) that are relevant and meaningful to you.

After all, why should you invest time into developing a plan if that plan doesn’t excite you?

  • Have realistic assumptions built into the plan.

Too many people, and financial professionals, underestimate how much money people need to fulfill their life goals because they don’t understand their cash flow.

Our process is designed to help ensure that your plan includes realistic assumptions about the current and future money you will need to live your best life. Your plan should calculate the rate of return you will need to earn so that you can develop a relevant investment strategy (mix of stocks, bonds, and cash) that can get you where you need to go.

  • Help you ask important “what if” questions.

We believe that too many people are held back from living their best life because they don’t ask the important “What if….?” questions. There are two types of “what if” questions:

The “Fun” What-If Questions:

As your guide, we love the opportunity to help you ask fun “what if” questions by trying on ideas that could help you get more life out of your time, money, and your relationships. During our process, you can try-on ideas (potential life goals) competing for your money to see how it impacts your plan like, “What if I….’

  • purchased a 2nd home?
  • wanted to travel more?
  • retired sooner or took a better job for my family, health, etc.?
  • started giving more to family or causes that are important to me?

Our goal in asking the “fun” what-if questions is to help you break down financial and emotional barriers that are holding you back from living your best life today and in the future.

The “Not Fun” What If Questions:

We believe that you deserve to know the truth and feel prepared for curve balls that life could throw your way.

Our process helps you ask the “not fun” what-if questions to prepare for challenging circumstances such as a recession, higher tax rates, reduced Social Security payments, or a health event such as long-term care.

While this exercise is not always fun, we find that it can help some people lower their level of financial stress and prevent others from being blindsided by the unexpected.   

Unlike some advisors, we do not sell insurance products that pay commissions, so you can feel confident that we’re not trying to run scenarios with an intent to sell you something.

Step 3: Manage & Track Your Progress – Read More

If you do not have the time, energy or expertise to manage all areas of your financial life, you should not have to do everything on your own.

Our team is available to help you with the money management tasks you hate doing, or the things you want to start doing so you can live your best life.

We can help you implement your financial plan’s portfolio strategy and maintain the course by offering:

  • Investment research and rebalancing support for your company retirement plan accounts
  • Assistance with opening and funding accounts
  • Tax minimization guidance
  • Access to a unique, lower-cost, investment approach
  • Regular reviews to help you pursue the truth (see step 1), adjust your plan, and maintain your course
  • A sounding board as your situation, goals, and financial circumstances change over time

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