One Life Coaching can help you

  • Clarify your core values
  • Create a relevant vision for your One Life
  • Learn how to use the One Life Management System (OLMS) tools to make better decisions about your time and money

The One Life Management System teaches you how to use the OLMS process & tools to help you get more life out of your time and your money.

One Life Management System Process (I-AIM):


  • Living your best life begins with brainstorming ideas to get more life out of your time and money.
  • In this stage, you engage in meaningful reflection and conversation to discover how you can live your best life.
  • Ideas are captured on your One Life Idea Analyzer


Analyze the benefits and barriers of ideas that are competing for your time and money

  • Bring others into the conversation
    • Use Money Management tools to “try-on” ideas and determine the impact to your cash flow and financial security before committing to implementation of an idea
    • Tools may include cash management software, financial plan projections, portfolio strategy stress tests, custom planning software (ex: Social Security, insurance needs analysis, tax forecasting, etc.).


  • Categorize your analyzed ideas: Yes // No // Not Yet
  • Advance your “Yes” ideas to your One Life Target Tracker or “to do” list

Manage & Track

  • Manage your means
    • Time Management
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Wealth Management
    • Custom Planning Maintenance (tax, insurance, etc.)
  • Track your progress and adjust time/money strategies as needed
  • Revisit shelved (“Not Yet”) ideas
    Continue conversations with your One Life Team to ensure you are maintaining your course

Are your means well aligned with your dreams?

Find out now by taking the DREAMS AND MEANS INDEX (it’s free).

*Past performance is not indicative of future investment results.

One Life Management System (OLMS) Tools:

Dreams & Means Index – Free tool to explore the alignment between your dreams and means.

Idea Analyzer – Capture and analyze ideas that can improve your life.

Target Tracker – Track the status of your Targets (life goals) and celebrate your progress when you nail your Targets.

One Life Reflection Exercises: – The OLMS includes reflection exercises that you and your advisor can use to improve clarity, enhance communication and uncover opportunities to align your dreams with your means.

Cash Management Software – This proprietary software helps you harmonize your cash flow with your values and Targets (life goals). Your personalized cash management website helps you uncover opportunities to repurpose your cash flow in a meaningful way. Learn how to quickly try-on ideas and scenarios that you want to explore. Your Cash Management website helps you, your family members (if applicable) and your financial advisor develop a relevant and realistic financial plan to harmonize your cash flow with your life goals.

*Past performance is not indicative of future investment results.


Money Management Our Process Our Mission

Getting more out of your time and your money requires clarifying what you value and crystalizing what you really want out of your One Life.