One Life History

Brian Lahr began his career with a passion to help people get more out of life by helping them with their money. After over a decade in the financial services industry working with two large broker dealers, Brian started feeling a significant void in the work he was doing. He dreaded going to work because he felt that:

  • It was not in the clients best interests to get financial advice from advisors who could earn commissions, award trips, and other incentives (i.e. free parking) for recommending products to clients such as insurance and annuities.
  • The client’s core values should be at the heart and center of financial planning and wealth management decisions; Brian’s planning process revolved around the size of the client’s retirement portfolio and the client’s insurance policies.
  • Cash flow management was not a priority within firm training programs. This was not acceptable because cash flow is where a person’s values and their money intersect.
  • His purpose and passion were more than just retirement planning and selling insurance products; it was to help people live the best life they possibly can every single day-not just in retirement.
  • People who want to live life on purpose, get more out of their money and time, or feel stuck (overworked, overscheduled, financially stressed, lack of purpose, etc.) need more than just wealth management, a financial plan, or an insurance product. They need an advocate and a process that puts their values and life at the center of the financial life planning process. 
  • Starting One Life’s RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) and offering One Life Coaching services in addition to money management services was the only way he could be fulfilled at work and create an offering that his clients deserved. 

Brian founded One Life Financial Group, Inc. in 2011 to help people get more out of their life by helping people harmonize their dreams (values and life goals) with their means (time, cash flow, and investment portfolio).