Our Story

Brian Lahr began his career with a passion for helping people get more out of life by helping them with their money. After over a decade in the financial services industry working with two large broker-dealers, Brian started feeling a significant void in his work. He dreaded going to work for many reasons.

First, he didn’t think it was in the clients’ best interests to get financial advice from advisors who could earn commissions, award trips, and other incentives for recommending products like insurance and annuities to clients. Plus, his purpose and passion were more than just retirement planning and selling insurance products; it was to help people live the best life they possibly can every single day, not only in retirement.

Brian recognized early on that clients needed something they didn’t know how to ask for. Information about how to live life on purpose, get more out of their money and time and get unstuck. So many friends and clients were overworked, overscheduled, and financially stressed! They needed more than just wealth management, a financial plan, or an insurance product. They needed an advocate and a process that puts their values and life at the center of the financial life planning process.

Brian believes the client’s core values should be at the heart and center of financial planning and wealth management decisions. But, his prior planning process revolved around the size of his client’s retirement portfolio and their insurance policies.

Starting One Life, an investment advisory firm, and offering wealth management, financial planning, and cash flow management services was Brian’s solution to achieving fulfillment at work and creating the services he felt his clients deserved.

Our Core Values

Core Value #1: People & Purpose Before Profits
  • We are committed to avoiding, eliminating, and disclosing conflicts of interest (if they exist).
  • We do not receive commissions or service fees for selling life insurance, variable annuities, mutual funds, or other investment products.
  • We do not accept referral fees from other professionals (i.e., insurance or real estate agents, attorneys, accountants, mortgage planners, etc.)
  • There is no policy for PTO (personal time off) at One Life. We trust our team will get their work done. The no PTO policy exists so that people can prioritize their life and family above work. They can take the personal time they need when they need it.
  • If your advisor is engaged in any outside business activities that could result in a conflict of interest, those activities and potential conflicts of interest will be disclosed to you in writing for your review before signing your agreement.
  • We provide resources to One Life team members to help them practice what we preach. We believe that taking care of our team will empower our team to better care for our clients.
  • We recently started offering “bundled” pricing, allowing clients to receive financial planning and asset management services for one fixed fee. This option eliminates conflicts of interest: 1) where assets are held (401k vs. IRA), 2) to pay down debt, 3) to gift assets to charity or loved ones, and 4) to invest in a business using investment portfolio assets managed by the advisor.
  • Officers of the company have a cap on their salary and bonuses. This allows the business to invest more back into our people, processes, and the technology needed to serve our clients well.
Core Value #2: Two Are Better Than One

Embracing the ‘Two Are Better Than One’ core value motivates us to create and sustain a culture of accountability for our team and those we serve. Why?

Creating a plan is relatively easy. Implementing the plan, performing administrative tasks, and following the plan is difficult for many people. We provide support and accountability to help those we serve get organized, develop a relevant plan, and turn their intentions to action.

While two can be better than one, we also believe a team of people can be more effective than just two people. Clients of One Life have access to a team of diverse people who specialize in different areas of service.

To save you time, we can collaborate with your accountant, attorney, insurance agents, others involved in managing your affairs to help ensure everyone is on the same page with your goals and current financial picture.

If you need a referral to an accountant, attorney, mortgage planner, insurance agent, real estate agent, or other professional, we can often make an introduction to someone that can help you.

Core Value #3: Teach the Truth

Many people do not know the truth about their money and are scared to see the truth about their cash flow, retirement plan, or investment portfolio fees. We believe it is more detrimental not to know the truth than it is to know the truth.

One Life is committed to helping you explore the truth about your time and money to help you uncover opportunities and make better decisions. In doing so, we will NEVER make you feel bad about your past decisions, current financial situation, or future goals.

We believe our job is to help you clarify your life values and goals so that we can create a relevant and realistic plan for your money. No judgment, no shame, only understanding, and guidance.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

Core Value #4: Practice What We Preach

One Life offers and encourages all team members to engage in the same conversations and exercises that you can work through as a client. We believe that this is a crucial element in providing excellent client service and discovering new ways to improve One Life’s services.

Core Value #5: Decisions for Decades

We believe that whatever we do as a business should make sense today and for decades to come. We use the “decisions for decades” framework to evaluate our tools, processes, and how we can improve the client experience.

Making decisions for today can be much easier than making decisions for yourself or your family 12 or 22 years from now. As your advisor, our role is to advocate for your life today and the life you will have in the future. We achieve this by helping people create a relevant vision for their life and then developing and maintaining a financial life plan to support that vision.

We are committed to using tools and technology that can stand the test of time and simplify your life. We regularly evaluate our technology solutions and periodically upgrade systems to improve the client experience.