Wealth Management Services

Once your plan and portfolio strategy have been developed, the next step is to implement your portfolio strategy. One Life offers two types of Wealth Management services to simplify your life and help turn your intentions to action:

Assets Under Management

Once you give us the green light, we help you open, fund, and manage accounts required to implement your portfolio strategy which includes:

  • Providing you access to Dimensional funds.
  • Assisting you with administrative items such as rolling over accounts, initiating transfers, and establishing contributions or withdrawals from your accounts.
  • Working to ensure your beneficiaries are aligned with your estate planning goals.
  • Performing maintenance required to implement and maintain your portfolio strategy.
  • Meeting regularly (typically one to four times per year) to review your situation, monitor your progress and rebalance your accounts when your strategy changes.

One Life has access to use more than 10,000 investment options that we can use to implement your plan’s portfolio strategy. One Life heavily favors using the Dimensional approach when implementing your portfolio strategy.

External Asset Management 

Receive assistance and advice managing external accounts that One Life does not manage directly (company retirement plans, education accounts, etc). We can help you:

  • Research the funds available in your company retirement plan and education accounts (if applicable).
  • Select investments to implement your portfolio strategy.
  • Assist you with rebalancing your accounts when changes are recommended and completing forms to perform account maintenance.

Learn more about our investment philosophy and why we favor the Dimensional approach to investing.

* As of 10/15/2018, One Life held the majority of client assets in Dimensional funds. One Life is not obligated to use Dimensional funds and can choose to use other mutual fund families or investments in the future.


Cash Flow Management

“Over the 15-year investment horizon, 92.33% of large-cap managers, 94.81% of mid-cap managers, and 95.73% of small-cap managers failed to outperform on a relative basis.”
SPIVA U.S. Scorecard 2017